Sunday Night Dinner - Shank’em if you got them!

Hit Dickson Farms again this weekend for our Sunday night meal (which is also our dinner most of the week); our eyes feel on four of prettiest pork shanks we have ever seen. Pork shanks can be prepared almost exactly like osso buco, so we were sold.

Braise Pork shanks with cannellini beans with roasted Brussels sprouts, and roast fennel with pecorino.

Come Sunday and a braise of three hours, our shanks we tender, failing off the bone. J then added mostly cooked white cannellini beans, which had been simmered in crushed tomatoes. The dish was hearty, porky and just damn good.

Wine pairing - 2009 Elk Cove “Old School” Pinot Noir - Another selection from my bi-monthly Elk Cove wine club. Though the red fruit was a bit concentrated, the wine could have used another year or so since the finish was a bit off for my tastes. That said, it paired great the the flavors of the pork and beans.